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with internal disputes and neglecting the basic needs of the decisions. when a former bush administration launched the war it said that the then iraqi leader saddam hussein was hiding weapons of mass destruction. this accusation proved false and the iraqis had to pay the price of the consequences. for many of them, this war is not yet over. >>> that was nhk world's sho beppu in baghdad. >>> tuesday was the last day in office for the head of the boj. >> a lot has happened in my turn including the collapse of lehman brothers, and the march 11 earthquake. >> he expressed hope that the boj and the government will step up efforts to pull japan out of the long period of deflation. >> japan now has an opportunity to end deflation. the yen is falling and the stock prices are rising. >> he said he did his best to try to stop deflation as soon as possible, and spur economic growth. the band bought bounds to pump liquidity into the economy. but he expressed that he had taken extreme care to make sure they did not end you have shouldering the country's debt. also, he said they could not change fast e
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1